Engineering (R&D)

Director of User Experience (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Boston, United States of America | San Jose, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

Acceldata is creating an end-to-end data observability platform to free data engineers to do what they do best: build.  We see unreliable data and data platforms as the biggest, gnarliest, Ever-Given-sized barrier to fulfilling the promise of machine learning and AI--and we’re out to help the data world get unstuck.  

Founded by open source veterans, trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, and backed by $45M in capital, we’re a lean, hungry, and fast-moving team of engineers, product people, and customer champions all across the world.

We’re looking for a Director of User Experience to join us in our mission to make data dependable.

About the role

As a product-led company, we see our designers as essential in driving Acceldata’s success by solving hard problems in elegant and creative ways.  We know the impact a great designer has at all stages of product creation, from user need discovery through development to the refinement of a production feature.   But more than that, in a market often dominated by powerful but raw tools, we see world-class product design as a key strategic pillar for our company.

As our first Director of User Experience, reporting to the Head of Product and managing two product designers (with more to come), you’ll shape how our customers understand and optimize their mission-critical data.

Your responsibilities

  • Make sure we deliver valuable and usable products and experiences.

  • Get to know our users in depth, to anticipate and address their needs.

  • Recruit, develop, and manage a balanced team of outstanding product designers.

  • Partner with product management through planning, development, and launch to deliver high-impact capabilities.  Follow through on delivered capabilities to trace the effect of the design and identify improvements.

  • Insist on the highest standards, proactively sounding the alarm to ensure everything our customers touch is of the highest quality.

By the end of your first quarter…

  • You’ll know your teammates from all across the company.  You’ll have built trust with your direct reports, with an eye toward helping them achieve their career goals.

  • You’ll understand the core workflows, values, and personas of our space.  You’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

  • You’ll have met with real users of our products.

  • You’ll have designed and shipped your first Acceldata features.

  • You’ll have started recruiting the next members of the design team.

About you

  • You’ve spent 7+ years as a product designer of a tech product in a data-intensive domain.  

  • You have designed and shipped capabilities that users love.   You can explain why these were great, how you got to the right place, and how you would do it even better next time.

  • You know the tools and techniques of modern product design.  You know when to apply which approach, based on the business context and constraints.

  • You have--formally or informally--led product design groups, whether as a manager, a player-coach, or a mentor.  People you’ve worked with see you as a great teacher.

  • You can thrive within (and secretly kind of like) the ups and downs of a high-growth early startup.  You can help calmly guide others through this journey.

  • You’re based in the United States.

What we offer

  • Salary: we offer competitive market cash compensation, with annual bonuses for company and personal performance.

  • Equity: meaningful share at a fast-growing Series B company

  • Vacation: Unlimited--we trust you to be responsible.  15 days a year suggested minimum.

  • Team: fast-moving, ambitious, skilled, and--if we can say so--friendly.

  • Remote / Hybrid:  We’re a distributed company, but candidates in Boston or the Bay Area have co-working options.

  • Equipment: the hardware and software you need to perform your best.  (We see you eyeing that 16” Macbook Pro...)

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