Engineering (R&D)

Graphic Designer - Bengaluru

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Work Type: Full Time


Acceldata is creating an end-to-end data observability platform to free data engineers to do what they do best: build.  We see unreliable data and data platforms as the biggest barrier to fulfilling the promise of machine learning and AI--and we’re out to help the data world get unstuck.  

Founded by open source veterans, trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, and backed by $45M in capital, we’re a lean, hungry, and fast-moving team of engineers, product people, and customer champions all across the world.

We’re looking for a talented Graphic Designer to join us in our mission to make data dependable.

About the role

As a product-led company, we see our designers as essential in driving Acceldata’s success by solving hard problems in elegant and creative ways.   That’s true of our software, and it’s especially true for our marketing and enablement materials.   Data is a complex industry, and helping engineers and managers make sense of it takes careful attention and skill. 

As our first graphic designer, you’ll have the chance to shape how the industry understands data observability and Acceldata.

Your responsibilities

  • Craft elegant, attractive, easy-to-understand visual representations of core Acceldata marketing and product concepts.
  • Carefully select fonts, colors, shapes, designs, styles, and layouts for projects and presentations. 
  • Develop and apply a common design language across our customers’ journeys, communicating our core principles of speed, automation, and reliability.
  • Creatively tailor visualizations and presentations to delight our audiences.

By the end of your first quarter…

  • You’ll know your teammates from all across the company
  • You’ll understand the core workflows, values, and personas of our space.  You’ll know what’s working and what’s not.
  • You’ll have updated our presentations and marketing material to match your vision.
  • You’ll have created a new asset for communicating where Acceldata fits in the market.
  • You’ll be well on the way to designing the next generation of our marketing site.

About you

  • You know the tools and techniques of modern product design.
  • You have designed and shipped websites and presentations that wowed their viewers.
  • You’ve spent 2 - 4 years as a graphic designer or digital designer of a tech product.  Ideally in a B2B and/or data-centric domain.  
  • You’re eager to grow your skillset and do what you haven’t done before.
  • You can ride out (and secretly kind of like) the fast-paced ups and downs of a high-growth early startup.
  • You’re based in Bangalore.

What we offer

  • Salary: we offer competitive cash compensation, with annual bonuses for company and personal performance.
  • Equity: meaningful share at a fast-growing Series B company
  • Vacation: Unlimited--we trust you to be responsible.  
  • Team: fast-moving, ambitious, skilled, friendly.
  • Equipment: the hardware and software you need to perform your best.

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