Product Management

Product Manager (Databricks/Spark)

Work Type: Full Time

Acceldata is creating an end-to-end data observability platform to free data engineers to do what they do best: build. We see unreliable data and data platforms as the biggest barrier to fulfilling the promise of machine learning and AI--and we’re out to help the data world get unstuck.

Founded by open source veterans, trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, and backed by $45M in capital, we’re a lean, hungry, and fast-moving team of engineers, product people, and customer champions all across the world.

We’re looking for an expert in Spark and Databricks to lead product innovation for our next-gen cloud product.

About the role

As a product-led company, we strive to understand our users’ pain points deeply, before solving them with elegant and creative software. While user research and customer interviews take us a long way, we’ve found that there’s ultimately nothing like having been in the shoes of a user before.

That’s why this role, reporting to our Head of Product, blends domain expertise with product thinking. As our in-house expert on Databricks and Spark, you’ll keep Acceldata and our users at the leading edge of best practices and optimizations in one of today’s most exciting data ecosystems.

Your responsibilities

  • Deeply understand and communicate user needs and use cases around the Databricks and Spark ecosystems.
  • Devise, define, and communicate a product strategy for improving the experience of writing and running data pipelines that use Databricks or Spark
  • Guide our development teams to deliver powerful, polished features are
  • Educate our field teams and evangelize Acceldata’s Databricks and Spark capabilities to our worldwide market.

By the end of your first quarter…

  • You’ll know your teammates from all across the company
  • You’ll understand the core workflows, values, and personas we serve. You’ll know the Acceldata master plan, and how your work fits into it.
  • You’ll have designed and prototyped potential capabilities, and defined a short- and medium-term strategy for serving data engineering teams.
  • You’ll have met with dozens of data engineers, data architects, and data platform owners to vet your ideas against their needs and constraints
  • You’ll have crafted and tested messaging, demos, and presentations for offering observability for Databricks.

About you

  • You’ve used and loved Databricks for 3+ years on practical projects. You have strong (and well-informed!) opinions about where its offerings are great and where they can be better.
  • You closely follow Spark / Databricks events and participate in the community.
  • You’ve worked in a software company as a product manager, solution architect, sales engineer, or similar technical role. You have a high bar for good software.
  • You want to grow your skillset and do what you haven’t done before. You’re creative, tenacious, and eager to build great products.
  • You’re able to work in a globally-distributed company.
  • You can ride out (and secretly kind of like) the fast-paced ups and downs of a high-growth early startup.

What we offer

  • Mission and development: You’ll work alongside experts in today’s leading data technologies and workflows, serving some of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world.
  • Salary: we offer competitive cash compensation, with annual bonuses for company and personal performance.
  • Equity: meaningful share at a fast-growing Series B company
  • Vacation: Unlimited (minimum 3 weeks a year, plus 10 - 15 holidays depending on geography)
  • Equipment: the hardware and software you need to perform your best.

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